Our Story

I grew up in a socioeconomically disadvantaged community. As an adult, I have witnessed, firsthand, the disparities surrounding transportation, infrastructure, and vocation among other things. Power outages are not uncommon, leaving communities in the dark. It is with this firsthand experience that the NV series was created – to ensure communities remain illuminated even in times of power interruptions.

Communities thrive when people engage locally and I have personally witnessed the adverse effects of climate change as it relates to the air quality in low-income areas, exacerbated by factories in proximity. Additionally, the costs related to climate change impact the affordability of goods and services.

The NV series was also my response to these challenges, aiming to foster community engagement in activities such as shopping, going to the gym, the movies, and other interactive pursuits. The intention is to enhance community bonds while simultaneously minimizing the carbon footprint.

Join us in our mission to provide sustainable solutions to reduce the carbon footprint and make a positive impact in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities. Purchase your NVII today.


D. Thanos Smith

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