Welcome to NV Motorgroup, where we empower you to make smart choices for your wallet and the environment. Make a small investment with big savings down the road. Imagine paying less for a regular-sized car and having more money in your pocket. With an electric vehicle, you can significantly reduce your costs, allowing you to comfortably pay your bills, cover your mortgage, and truly live your life without financial stress. 

Did you know?

  • The average price of a car in America is currently $40,000.  
  • The average person travels 37 miles daily. 
  • On average, electric vehicles are approximately 50-70% cheaper to operate per mile compared to gasoline-powered vehicles. 
  • On average, electric vehicles can save owners up to 50% on maintenance and repair costs over their lifetime compared to traditional cars. 

NVll Cargen

It is both a car and a generator so we call it a CARGEN. Our frame affordably integrates de-icing substrates to melt ice on the surface area. It will also utilize the de-icing technology to maintain a warm battery to virtually eliminate loss of charge in cold weather that has plagued the auto industry for all other EV companies.

Affordable and Efficient

The best thing is it’s affordable price starting at less than $15,000 per unit for citywide commute. We believe the future will be city commute and quality should be affordable. Student, fleet and government discounts  are available. Take advantage of current tax rebates wherever applicable to further reduce your investment costs.

Why settle for the status quo?

Join the movement toward sustainable living, financial freedom and a brighter future. Add an electric car to your vehicle lineup today and start enjoying the benefits of saving money while reducing your environmental impact

Stay Tuned!

We sincerely appreciate your invaluable support during our soft launch. We are thrilled to announce that we are now expanding our services nationwide, with a service network spanning over 7,000 locations through strategic partnerships.

Our team is dedicated to boosting our production capacity to meet the growing demand. Stay tuned for exciting updates and developments as we continue to grow and serve you better. Thank you for being part of our journey!

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