Say Goodbye to High Fuel Costs!

Our Electric Vehicles provide an economical way to navigate the city!

About Us

Our Story

Originally created as a whole house generator to address the failing power grid. Then our founder had an idea to add wheels, AC, and Heat to a smart car-type frame to create the coolest house generator on wheels.  The NV1 Cargen incorporates the most advanced technologies to be featured in the anticipated eVTOL sector. Our technology was developed to power the future of aviation by Paragon VTOL Aerospace and is available to power electric vehicles today.


It is both a car and a generator so we call it a CARGEN. Our frame affordably integrates de-icing substrates to melt ice on the surface area. It will also utilize the de-icing technology to maintain a warm battery to virtually eliminate loss of charge in cold weather that has plagued the auto industry for all other EV companies.

Affordable and Efficient

The best thing is it’s affordable price starting at less than $21,000 per unit for citywide commute. We believe the future will be city commute and quality should be affordable. Student, fleet and government discounts  are available. Take advantage of current tax rebates wherever applicable to further reduce your investment costs.

Thank you

for your support and an amazing soft launch. We are officially going nationwide with a service network surpassing 7,000 locations through partnerships. We are working hard to increase production capacity. Stay tuned for more updates.